Written by This Old Toad and HastyWords
Summer laughter floating fog
Children playing everywhere
Please quiet the barking dog
Rhyme with me today I dare
Feel the cool dancing breeze
And the suns glow shine warm
The trees flowing teasing
As we sit and rhyme without a care
Knowing this makes a smile
If you could see and sit awhile
Touch the heart of old soul
Loving children precious stare
Teeter-totter with a friend
The ring of laughter in the air
Sadly surprised day shall end
Sleeping child walk with care
You reminisce about the days of old
The days you wish you could still recall
I sometimes wonder if you miss it all
Dear toad, you know, we all tend to fall
And even as we sit, talking as friends do
The time will end and the sun will set
Alone again as the moon comes to call
Until morning finds children laughing once again
**I posted Hasty Toad in response to several emails I was getting from you.  I apologize for getting worried.  I understand now a little better since our last emails.  Sometimes it takes a little time for the fear in my heart to let the compassion settle in.

9 thoughts on “CHILDREN PLAYING

    • Og yeah cool, I like the dumb animals on springs, I can still rock those things to extreme angles at the tender age of 32


      • My sister has a low quality video somewhere of me doing this, fortunatly I no longer speak with her. I am sure there are three or four youtube hits


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