10 thoughts on “TRYST

  1. Reblogged this on ღ Think. Speak. Tryst. ღ and commented:
    A deep & moving poetical piece, written by one of my favorite writers ever, Hastywords and also by a writing partner of hers, M. Makai. This Poetical Duet is wonderfully cutting into the deepest place of burning emotion .. but then again, we all get something different from poetry. I have a personal connection to the word TRYST, hence the name of my space, and I thought it proper to share this wonderful piece with you, since it dones the same name ❤
    XoXo ~ Jen on Tryst


  2. Wow!” Just wow. I read this months ago on a blog site, I was directed to from another site. Anyway, I read this there and loved it, but then lost the blog link and have looked in vain for it again since. By sheer chance it reappeared recently on Facebook, and I mentally noted the name and then forgot about it until tonight, when I read a poem by another poet, and it linked to Twitter and a link to you. I couldn’t believe my luck! So here I am and I just love this. I can’t post my poems here as certain people shouldn’t see them!! lol.Well it’s great to finally find you again.


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