You Think You Know

Visit this beautiful spirit. Love her and you will too!

ღ Think. Speak. Tryst. ღ


You Think You Know

So you think you know

You think you have seen

You saw something outside

But I’m completely different


The things I am feeling

The emotions I am going through

Are too tragic and tough

Searching for answers

I wish I knew…

I try numb myself

Sometimes to get a break

From a life that has gambled

On my countless mistakes

But you can’t fake your heart

Everything it does is pure & good

I have only brought damage

To myself, misunderstood

The words of my soul

The poetry I speak

Is the real part of me

Self belief is what I seek

I’m good at hiding

Good at sabotaging my heart

In moments of weakness

You see me fall apart

I think of happiness

And joy and pleasure and light

I fear I’m not good enough

Or if I’ll ever feel right

You can’t judge from…

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