img_2481Written by Simon and HastyWords


My eyes were closed

But I could feel you

Watching in the dark

I could feel your

Eyes wandering

Over curves

In anticipation


My senses opened

To what might be

If skin were to touch skin

I could feel

Your beating heart

Speed up

In anticipation

Night had come

A living darkness


Desire welling up


All sensations

In anticipation


Breathing hard now

Moving ever closer


Ache to touch

Recumbent form

Flesh trembling

In anticipation


Your icy prints

 Search for me

 Arcing currents

 Form mid-way

 As my blood

 Lures you in

 In anticipation


Succumbing finally

 To your revealed


 Touch delivering

 What passion

 Promised with

 This anticipation

18 thoughts on “ANTICIPATION

  1. Did this happen underwater? Because it made me so wet. That’s a metaphor. Also, I read it in the shower. I need a new phone now. Just because it’s messing up lately, not because it got wet. Also, bacon is delicious!


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