admin-ajax.php copyWritten by A Shade of Pen and HastyWords

(A true story)

I’ve missed your words

Your smile, your eyes

The hands that help me up

The heart that calls my name

I’ve missed you my friend

I didn’t realize how and when

I started relying on your shoulder

Every time the clouds surround me

I look for your warm eyes

That can pull me from the dark times

There are are many moments

I just sit and think of you

You possess the kind of kindness

That multiplies each and every day

You will forever hold the place

That is so special for me

I might never meet you and hug

And yet nothing beats my love

There is a promise I will make you

My heart may be miles away

But my love is for always

Whenever you need my friend

My heart does a happy dance

As I drink to the promises

That you have made to me

No longer apart, I enclose

Your warmth and your love

Forever we become a part

Of a world of support

No matter age or culture

We live happy in this start

7 thoughts on “HER NAME IS FRIEND

  1. Very powerful poem. I can truly tell that you really care about your friend. As people go in and out of the revolving doors of our lives, it is always good to really cherish the relationships that matter to us. Best of luck with everything 🙂


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