I am so happy my beautiful friend Sarah decided to write a poetic duet with me. Be sure to check out her blog and support her by clicking here.

3af22b32781e11e2b4f022000a1f9ac6_7Written by Sarah Bale and HastyWords

There is a pain in my heart

Stabbing reminders

That won’t go away

No matter how hard I try

The gaping hole is there

Stunting my present

Holding me back

I try to move on

I try to forget everything about you

The way you smiled at me

The way you laughed with me

But at the end of the day I can’t

The way my heart pounded

The anticipation you created

You saw me, got to know me

And now…I am nobody?

There is a pain in my heart

Memories branded

Forever to stay

I am angry at the scars

The hurting pain they create

I sometimes wish

You had matching scars

But I know it isn’t the case

You walk above mere mortals

Head held higher than the sky

Eyes that look right through me

But there is a chip in your armor

Right at your heart

And with each kiss I blow

You feel it like jagged angel claws

So you see, it has already begun

I have found my new wings to fly

And then…you will be nobody!

23 thoughts on “YOU ANGST NOBODY

      • Despite people always asking where my scars came from, I love them. I can see how far I’ve gotten, and what I’ve become. They’re my stories. They’re my life. I’m proud, despite all that turn away and look in disgust as I tell them I made them.


          • It was a way to cope with rape and then later, emotional abuse, though it took a while to realize it. I’m moving past it. I still want to from time to time, but I feel good when I step away from it.


            • I am not sure your age…but it isn’t easy to heal from it. There is so much more than just one thing here or there to heal from. Rape itself leaves scars deeper than anything you went through physically. Some things you won’t realize until much later are attributed to the trauma. Little things and big things will always trigger you and you will step back and think…wow why does that bother me so much? It is an event that will stay with you but as you find pieces, shine a light on them, put them in their proper place and use them to be a better person who has a unique gift of perspective and insight for others to learn from.


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