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There was a clock

It was crying in my dreams

It was ticking but the hands

They had both stopped

It made me sad

For its purpose

Its reason, its destiny

Sat motionless

Stalled, upon the wall

I thought that I was sleeping

Yet my eyes were opened wide

It was me that I found crying

From this truth

I could not hide

For I am the clock

Stalled upon the wall

Questioning my purpose

My reason, my destiny

Why am I here at all?


Night after night

Day after day

I live in my slumber

As slumber is my wake

I hear the ticking loud

As I watch, dreaming

Time flowing away

Unable to dive in

And get lost in its ways


These chains

Won’t let me go

My heart…tic-toc

It’s too slow

Stalled by this thing

We call life

More time,

More minutes, more hours

Too late, die like a coward

Why was I here at all?



17 thoughts on “STALLED

  1. Powerful passion in the thoughts, and questions… Used to here think about the questions a fair bit, it must be almost a decade now, since rushing through the blackness towards the bottom of a well, and thinking, “Oh F#*@, it’s over”, letting go of it all, of time, of questions too wide to cross, too deep to fathom, places I could feel lost. But to set out to find, ask, and explore what I can in different places/moments/people/etc. Awesome write!


  2. I enjoyed this piece – and I can certainly relate to many of the ponderings and questions posed – i know that i am here for a reason and many times I see the reason, but sometimes, my eyes are just to bloody blurry. 🙂


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