There is a war raging in the blogosphere.  It started innocent enough with a funny little blog or two and then I did a funny little blog and the PMAO did a billion little blogs.  It won’t be long before I produce my final stand!!!  Links to previous blogs below!!!


Once upon a time there were two blogs

Two very sassy lads, writing daily logs

One very emotional in all things sad

One very clever, his humor not bad


A little war got started

A war not of words per say

But one of imagination

A war fought with slander

And falsehoods and creative

Portrayals made up of facts

Layered upon a fictional battlefield


Once upon a time there were two blogs

PMAO and HastyWords, bloggers both

This little war will be over soon

And I will be whistling  a victorious tune

 PMAO may have a prolific desire on his side but I have skilzzzzz!!  Stay tuned for the battles end coming soon to a blog near you!!!

Steal your face Part-6

The Real PMAO

The HastyWords War Part-1

The HastyWords War Part-2

The HastyWords War Part-3

The HastyWords War Part-4

The HastyWords War Part-5

The HastyWords War Part-6

The HastyWords War Part-7

The HastyWords War Part-8

The HastyWords War Part-9

The HastyWords War Part-10

The HastyWords War Part-11

The HastyWords War Part-12

The HastyWords War Part-13

The HastyWords War Part-14

The HastyWords War Part-15

The HastyWords War Part-16

So just for fun….I know PMAO has a ton more blog posts than me but I am needing to assess strategy.  Who do you think is winning???

5 thoughts on “PMAO VS HASTYWORDS

  1. Once there was a blogger with a lot of pinache
    Until she got caught wearing my mustache
    I was just stealing faces, you know, like I do
    When she beat me to the punch with a picture or two
    She did a picture of me with a really big chest
    And now I must show why I am the best
    She tried to cut me down to size like Lorena Bobbitt (look it up)
    So I stuck her face right on a Hobbit
    She was late for the war ’cause she likes to dawddle
    I did her as a very badly dressed fashion model
    She wasn’t prepared to get into this tussle
    So I covered her body with way too much muscle
    Just because she thinks that she is ‘all that’
    I gave her just half of the face of a cat
    I have done it all without being mean
    Even that picture of her as the Queen
    This isn’t a war of just words and quips
    And that’s why I gave her those really big lips…


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