My daughter is very, very smart and she notices things.  She is also highly sneaky which scares me for when she gets older.  My husband and I are extremely honest about our feelings and the things we like and don’t like, do and don’t do.  We are very happily (for the most part) married but we are naturally flirty and have a silly sense of humor which sometimes gets us in trouble.  We are the Al and Peggy Bundy of the real world when it comes to our sense of humor and how we interact.  So basically we will be married forever!!!

So last night we were sitting on the couch.  I try very hard to limit my phone time and my social media time at home….it is hard but it is something I try VERY hard to do.  Ok, let me see if I can set this conversation up that we had last night.

I used to be gone a lot to the gym for zumba.  Not so much anymore because I missed being home.  My husband takes her to the gym for Kung Fu and he works out a few days a week.  Our daughter knows we are a happy married couple but we tease each other by saying:

“Are you texting your boyfriend/girlfriend?”

Daughter is doing her homework and we will say:

“What’cha writing…a love note to your boyfriend?”

and she gets all silly and squirmy saying ewwww gross.  So it is what we do to be silly.  OK, at least once a week we all sit down and watch TV together.  She loves “Once Upon a Time”, and “Revenge” which we always pronounce funny “reven gheee”.

Last night we were all sitting on the couch watching Reven ghee:


Answering an email with Sage Doyle.  And texting an old HS friend about the weather.


“Watch ya doing Mom?  Texting your BF?”


“Yep…two of them” I show phone to Daughter, “Here tell daddy which boyfriend I am talking too”


“Mario Lingolani”  she makes up a name.


Looks at daughter and laughs, “What? Who is that?”


Looks at dad and repeats herself with a huge smile.


Looks at Mom with an excuse me? look on his face.  And looks at the screen to see Sage Doyle.


Looks at daughter, “Ummm you are just trying to get me in trouble aren’t you?”


Looks at dad, “You know when mom goes to Zumba?  she really is going to see her BF”  and then she looks at me and says, “and dad just drops me off and leaves me at Kung Fu to go see his GF”


Looks at daughter and says shhhhhh….she laughs….I laugh…dad laughs.


Looks at dad then looks at daughter and said, “That was a scary scenario and because you are such a good liar you will not leave your room until you are 23.”


Still laughing at her cleverness.


To dad “we may have to lock her in our dungeon like we did her brother”


“Mom you weren’t supposed to tell her about the dungeon”


“I have a brother????”

And we all laughed for like 20 minutes.  If this is disturbing to you….yea me too…she is 8!

*** And no we don’t really have a dungeon unless you consider our storm shelter one 🙂

***We also don’t think it is appropriate or funny for a married person to have a real GF or BF only pretend ones are appropriate in our house. I post as my husband is thinking, Really?  Dang!

19 thoughts on “THE REAL BUNDY’S

  1. Aw this story is just awesome!

    But see this is why I am terrified to ever have kids, I know what all I put my mom through and how sneaky and mischievous I was…If my child turned out to be anything like me I just don’t know if I would have the strength needed to survive like my mom did =p

    But then again this post actually makes me excited about the future and the prospect of having a child to watch grow and become as smart and tricky as I was.

    That is just adorable and joyous.

    Made me smile ear to ear!

    “Reven Ghee HaHa! =] Love it!


  2. My wife and I have similar jokes. Lately, she’s been acting “jealous” of my new Galaxy Note II phone. It has a voice interaction feature similar to Siri on the iPhone. I tell it I love it and it comes back with funny responses. So I constantly get jokes about how much time I spend with “the other woman.”

    Galaxy is hawt though. It can’t be helped. Still, it doesn’t have breasteses, so my wife has nothing to worry about.


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  4. You guys sound like us! I love that you all have such a great sense of humor, especially your daughter!

    My husband noticed one morning that I always leave the back porch light on even after it’s light outside. When he’s leaving for work, he turns it off. One day he said, “is this your signal for your bf, so he knows I’m gone?”
    I answered, “Yes. Hurry and turn it off. I miss him.”
    The hubs just smiled and shook his head. Now every day he turns off the porch light and tells me not to give my bf his good beer. LOL.

    Also, the my kids BELIEVE I used to date Adam Levine. It’s become a huge joke in our house. They even tell my husband to, “play the song Adam wrote for mom.” hahahaha. Someday they’re going to be so disappointed.


  5. Hilarious! Wonderful to read, and so glad you chose to top the collection of posts about you with it. The only thing, I would have no interest in hanging out with the Bundys. But your family? I would seriously love it.


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