I am stealing the pic TwinDaddy had for this poem because I LOVE it!  Hope you like the poem we wrote from the perspective of two young kiddo’s!



Written by TwinDaddy and HastyWords

When we were young

You thought I had cooties

You used to run

I used to chase

We both giggled

And I would pretend

Like I was going to lick your face


When we were young

We played kiss and tag

Afraid of your kiss, I ran

I believed you had cooties

But I didn’t care

Because secretly I wished

You would eventually catch me


When we were young

The other boys

Loved to tease me

You were the first

To pack a punch

And friends for life

We did become


When we were young

The other girls

Pointed and laughed

You were the only one

To play with me

Spend time with me

To show me you cared


When we were young

You moved away

My heart hurt

It felt very sad

That was the day

I understood

What it felt like to love


When we were young

I was taken away

From you, from us

From the good times

We shared together

That was the first time

I’d ever been broken-hearted

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