Much like our last duet, writing with Too Full To Write is always a challenge for me.  The first was about Pirates and this is about Horse Racing.  I know nothing about either one.  So different from my random, free flow stuff.  While it is challenging for me it is a nice change of pace.  This one he suggested be about the Aintree, Grand National.  I hobbled along and finished in last place I think lol. 

I don’t have any pictures of a horse of any kind but I do have a picture of Perry the Platypus riding a duck 🙂



Written by Too Full To Write and HastyWords

Ladies’ Day at Aintree, it’s The Grand National

Pulses racing faster than horses, understandable

The hats match the outfits, exquisite, outrageous

Out for fun, mischievous, they mean business


The atmosphere ripe with anticipated excitement

As the riders mentally prepare to meet the fences

Head on, full speed, a recipe for equine tragedy

The Ladies’ squirming from intense rider bravery


A spot of Pimms in the afternoon goes down nicely

They appear to have brought a jug, we’re all squiffy

The riders, they look so much smaller from up here

As if our whole group we’re up riding in a helicopter


My fair ladies all jibber jabby and a bit improper

As the gin begins to loosen their wits, jibby jibby jabber

A horse named Weird Al made them all laugh

As they began a clumsy chorus of “Smells like Nirvana”


The horses rally at their posts, nostrils flaring like car exhausts

Then suddenly they’re off, with Big Boy’s Trousers going first

I never would have guessed, on account of his gammy leg

With Stumbling Candy Gravy starting to spill over into third


Big Daddy Nacho had a really cute jockey the ladies all liked

To beat the odds, long that they were, stamina would be the key

Ladies held their breath and held each other’s hands, as he pulled ahead

The stadium roared to life as this unlikely winner took it by lengths


Now the press wanted pictures, the lucky rider on the front page

Surrounded by the ladies that helped make this a very special day

They wore their grins of cheekiness as much as he wore out his horse

All that could be heard afterward was the popping of champagne corks!




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