Written by Ghost Writer and HastyWords

I spent my day dreaming

Of the night I had

Watching candles dance

Tangos and waltzes on the water’s edge


The warmth of the moment

Still lingers in the air

My heart still burns with passion

Beats the tempo of memories still alive


I sit wondering if I even took a breath

As you held me in your arms

The reflection of the moon in your eyes

The midnight breeze dancing in your hair


Longing to feel your gentle touch again

My heart beats like the very first time

Still drunk with desire…longing

Masked only by the need to have you again


Empty without your gaze to fill me

Hopelessly beyond your reach

I yearn for your lips to match mine

As your hands caress the boundary of my face


I love the way you make me feel inside

My thoughts ignite theatrical fires

I hate you for the presence of our separation

Come grant me now a memory of another dance


  1. The midnight breeze dancing in your hair….Love this Poem! Each one of your Poems I read seems to connect with me more and more. Being new to Poetry and being to writing it, I love to get inspired by other Poets and you surely have no problem of inspiring! Thanks! ~ Shane


      • Whenever you would want to do that I am certainly up for it!

        that is a great idea!

        I am truly honored for you to ask me to write with you, You are the first person ever to ask me that and it feels great!


  2. Hasty, I am sorry that I fell off line for a bit… Its all explained in my about section. It is people like you that inspired me to keep going…


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