Raam invited me to co-write a piece in his ongoing Puppets Series.  I want to thank him for the challenge and for posting it on my birthday!  This was a challenge because I don’t write about the love of God or talk about my love for God very often.  I don’t know why… I should change that.  Thank you Raam!



 Written by Raam_iyer and HastyWords

Sonnet 3

From Puppet series

Passion for lord (love)

Hourglass drum beats as we blow the trumpet

Implies the cometh of the immortal god

To show some love on your beloved Puppets

Can you here us while we pray??

As we live in shades of gray

Do play the string in unique Chord

Passion for you makes us gravitate

Your magic is in the air and our soul levitate

We have the passion for lord to get infinity

More than a love it’s madness to taste the divinity

Vanity shattered as I’ll render

Need your mercy, Oh I surrender

Creator of destiny he is the same

Destroyer of the evil with the third eye flame



*By Hasty Words*

The world rejoices in the most joyous of passions

As inequities line up likes a sea of kneeling crosses

The number of our days a perfectly timed ration

Spirits ponder the healing love songs you sing

Disgrace falls away from the redemption you bring

Your presence a shield of safety saving me

You fell in love with the good in us and smiled

Held us and soothed us and loved us as a child

You satisfy us with pleasure at the splendor of life

Caress our tarnished hearts ridding their strife

Your jealousy wraps around us protecting fragility

Is not your face found in the limitless galaxy of possibility?

Do you not shape our hunger, our thirst, our malleability?

We are your disciples cloaked in the presence of your invisibility

“Dedicate to God of Gods”

New Delhi 1st April ~

4 thoughts on “PASSION FOR LORD

    • I think it is because if I let myself go in your comment box I would end up writing novels in there and never get anything else done. I want to do a poem with you about something outside the normal poetry perameters. Did I spell that right? I doubt it. Like a science fiction story set to verse. Or a Napoleonic battle of Waterloo kind of a thing. Or an ode to Ed Hotspur done as funny as we can make it. Or maybe a poem that crushes Dick Cheney into the muck. Or even take a random boring thing like numbers and math, or coffee, or plastic, and just go wild on it…


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