This was written as a duet between a male and a female and is dedicated to Mr. Pouring My Art Out’s wife!  So here is to you Mrs. Pouring My Art Out!


Written by Pouring My Art Out and HastyWords

Run after me don’t let me go

With each step…I run faster

Farther away from home

No turning back once I’m gone


I will chase you till our breath runs short

With each step… gaining ground

Until we are running side by side

And home is wherever we are


My past speaks with a double tongue

Often dripping sweet, with acidity

It’s hard to trust, but you sit here

Baby, baby it’s true love I speak


It is the chase that stirs my heart

And the running side by side

Falling into familiar paces

Is a life I do not know


So how do you even know, my love

If you can stand alone with me

If chasing is all you know, my love

We would all too soon grow weary


It is time for the chase to end

For us to lay down in the sweet grass

To watch the sky reflect in our eyes

To melt into each other eternally


Thank you for not giving up

For not letting me go, for finding my hand

Thank you for catching me, for holding me

As we sit quietly catching our breath


11 thoughts on “THE CHASE

  1. Very sweet, you have both complimented each other very nicely and smoothly in the piece. I really hope this becomes a song, it will be simply amazing. My imagination is going into overdrive as to what would happen if you collaborated with Pouring My Art Out using cows as the theme, it would be both crazily funny yet some how breath-takingly beautiful at the same time!


  2. So telling and romantic in so many ways… It is a wonderful piece that I even read a second time to revel in the message… Thank You 🙂


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