Crater Lake by HastyWords

Crater Lake by HastyWords

Written by Too Full To Write and HastyWords


So near and yet so far, pleasures and perils

The subtle allure of nature, no more rehearsals

To be a part of history, a fierce connection

A seductive sea of tranquility, oceanic perfection


I want the world to love me, the beautiful disaster I am

Forget about the human race, make me shine like the sun

To be a part of the mountains, soaring high into the clouds

A beautiful wave crashing, washing onto pebbled beaches


If I dare to slow down, I will lose all sense of momentum

Courage now an obligation in the face of raw redemption

To be a part of what was, what is and what will be

An elegant aquamarine dream sweeter than potpourri


My tears a sweet flowing rain that heal the deepest seas

My life yearning to soar like feathers in a gusty breeze

I am the conduit that connects the earth to the heavens

The passion I have to be part of the beauty I see


Spreading the angelic wings of my once cluttered mind

Beating a path through this world, rhythmically defined

With each delicious breath, calmness anchors my soul

Where once was complete chaos, now there is control


Harnessing energy from the earths balanced center

I visualize my core a pillar of strength, a cornerstone

Time has no more boundaries, it simply overflows

Pouring ancient wisdom into my malnourished soul


Until unequivocally, I finally understand who I am

No more an enigma, enigmatic with purpose, plans

A seasoned veteran full of panache, verve and style

No holding back or running scared, this river is wild

*Check out my new duet partners blog. 
 It is chock full of great surprises! TooFullToWrite

5 thoughts on “SEDUCTIVE NATURE

  1. Gorgeous picture. I found a nice suitable one for my blog too. Thank you for being such an awesome duet partner, this poem is the crowning jewel of my collection so far. My Dad really loves it. Look forward to doing more in the future!


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