Written by The Reclining Gentleman and Hastywords

Our friendship means so much to me.  Two different cultures and yet so many commonalities.  Love you TRG….I will always support you!

I see the edge far too clear

The distance calls my name

The air darkens and falls

The moonlight floods my despair


Behind me, around me I hear your voice

Within me, beneath I sense your warmth

You call out to me, reach out to me

Hoping to bring me back from the abyss


I feel your hands as our fingers clasp

I see the bottom as I cling in mid-air

I can’t look away from the view beyond

The voices keep calling, singing my song


I step forward, feet feeling their way

The horizon glows darkly distant

Your hand clasps tighter, warmer

I sense your heart saying “always”


I can feel your blood pumping

As you hold ever tighter

My heart beats way too fast to hear

Your grasp speaks with loving intent


I relax into the security of you

As we float in unknown directions

Forward to the horizon or back to stability

We will reach the destination together


For a moment everything is clear

There is nothing left for us here

You and I stand tall, void of fear

And together we jump into the sky


9 thoughts on “INTO OPEN SKY

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  2. Catching up on some reading)) I always keep you in my in-box!! I love any piece that references an ‘abyss’ … One of my favorite words)) You and TRG write so well. I enjoy your Tryst with him!! 🙂


    • Ah, thank you – and the same goes for you – I truly respect your writing. I find it amazing and interesting and inspirational. you demonstrate a writer that one can aspire to be – that i would like to be. – xx


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