I love to read and recently found myself addicted to “The Journal of Wall Grimm”.  Grimm is a 23 year old Siciliani Romani who catches himself in life’s randomness.  Maybe I like reading these journals because it is basically just life….written down.  It is fiction but reminds me of “The Perks of being a Wallflower” in that it is written like an epistolary novel.  Sage Doyle is the second blogger I have found that seems to have that clever, honest, stream of thought type of writing that I love.

I am including his latest chapter here because he wrote me in as a character…how cool is that???  I wanted my character to be 41 and married but the rest I am giving him poetic license because it is his story and he is amazing.  Enjoy this brilliant piece of fiction…..or is it?

  Seriously though, I am honored…THANK YOU SAGE!

OH and before I forget, he is kind of a bad boy and uses a few bad words (I mean it is his journal we aren’t even supposed to be reading it…ya know…cause it is private)  so just be on notice 🙂

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“The Journal of Wall Grimm”


Last night after work Pete begged me to go to this new Gay bar with him.  I was like “why would I want to go to a gay bar, what good would that do me?”  He said I might get a lot of attention and it would be food for my ego.  But I still was hesitant.  He begged and then admitted he had some Ecstasy for me, so I was like well sure fine I’ll go, but don’t let me have sex with a guy.  If I’m on Ecstasy who knows what I’ll do.  Whatever it would be, at the time I will think it’s the best thing in the world.  Sweetheart didn’t want to go because she wanted a quiet evening at home.  I called all my friends that are girls because I needed a girl as a safety net, but they were all busy or tired or lazy.  All except Morgan who decided to come.  She’s bisexual but she won’t let me watch her have sex with another girl.

We went to the bar, I was on pain meds and E and I wasn’t wearing my brace.  We went in and there weren’t many people there, being a Wednesday night, but I wanted some music and I wanted to dance.  So I got the bartender to adjust the ambience.  He dimmed the lights and put those flashing, spinning circle lights on.  Then he played, from what I recall, some really crappy music.  I have no idea what it was, but not my kind of shit.  However, at the time, I thought it was the best music in the world and I went out and started dancing.  Alone at first, then some guys joined me.  Some guy leaned over to me and said “Finally, a top, it’s been all bottoms tonight.”  I was like “yeah” but I had no idea what he was talking about.  I figured it out this morning.

Then I noticed this girl seated at the bar, she wasn’t there when we first came in.  It was like she appeared from no where.  I assumed she came out of the bathroom or something, because she didn’t just come in, I’d have noticed that.  She had blue hair too, which was pretty cool.  It was obvious to me that she was a real female too, not a trannie of any kind.  I was hoping that wasn’t the E convincing me of that.  I was also hoping she wasn’t a lesbian.  She was looking at me dance.  Then I got kind of shy and went and stood at the bar with Pete and Morgan to have a drink.  I glance to the girl and she’s gone again.  Then I see her on the dancefloor dancing and….damn.  She was so hot, she was dancing on a pole like a stripper, I was just, um, speechless I guess, like I am right now as I recall it.  Morgan was like, “she’s hot” I responded with “ummyeah blbbblbbbl” and drooled a little.

I went over and started dancing with her.  We were having a good time, but then we stumbled together and I caught her, preventing her from falling.  My leg felt sore then so we went and sat at the bar, away from my friends because they would just be purposely obnoxious.  We ordered a drink and I was just staring at her.  She said, “Don’t look at me like that, you tempt me and I’m a married woman.  Besides, I wouldn’t even know what to do with a body like yours!”  I laughed and had no idea what to say to that.  She started to do all the talking.  She said, “I like your blue hair.  Yours is real, mine’s a wig.  I like to wear different wigs when I go out.”  She told me she came with a gay friend of hers, and that they arrived shortly before we did.  He had to leave briefly because he forgot his wallet, but he’ll be back.  He was sure to tell her not to drink too much while he was gone, and to behave.  I asked, “Well, are you behaving?”  She said, “You’re making it so difficult.”  Then I was really turned on, but she made it clear she was married and gave me a no first thing, so I had to respect that.  I don’t like to mess around with another guy’s woman anyway.  I know I fucked Tony’s girl Liz, but Tony’s a cunt, so who cares.

This girl, or I should say woman because she was all woman and a little older than me, she told me her name was Hasty.  I loved that.  That was like the coolest name I ever heard.  I asked if she was being a little hasty in saying no to me.  She laughed and kissed me briefly.  She said that’s all I get.  I realized she could be real easy, as could I.  And I had an Ecstasy Epiphany.

My name is Wall Grimm and this is my Ecstasy Epiphany:


Everything on Ecstasy is beautiful.  Even wanting to have sex and not having it.  Because it’s not an ache like getting blue balls when you’re on E.  Instead, it’s just more of those awesome endorphines rushing through your blood making you feel real good.  So a touch of the hand can be like an orgasm.  Once you get in the right frame of mind.

So yeah, it was a stimulating experience to respect her wishes.  And I was prepared to remind her of them if she caved, which she seemed she may have the potential of doing.  She asked me my name and I said Grimm.  She said, “I’m Hasty.  You’re Grimm.  And we both have blue hair.”  It was simple, but after a pause it seemed so funny and we were laughing wicked hard.  When we finally stopped laughing, we looked up and saw a guy there who was her friend, he just got back.

Anyway, the two of them ended up joining me, Morgan, and Pete.  We sat at a table, drank, danced on and off, and had a really good time.  Hasty and I were talking about how we wanted to get tattoos, so we decided maybe we should go together because I know a good tattoo guy.  We got each other’s cell numbers and ended the evening with a plan to get the tattoos maybe Sunday.  That’ll give us time to figure out what we want.

She was really cool and I realized that it’s been a long time since I made a friend with a girl or woman without having sex with them.  I have my friends Ayla, Danika, Morgan, Emma was my friend, there was Lauren, now Sweetheart, there was Kathy, and I guess Sharly’s kind of my friend but she’s my boss and a lesbian so she doesn’t count.  But Ayla and I fuck, she loves to give me blow jobs.  I’ve messed around with both Danika and Morgan in the past, but not so much anymore.  Unless we get really drunk.  Emma, well, enough about her.  Lauren I don’t even want to talk about because she was younger than I thought.  Sweetheart is my little bedmate.  Kathy was my first girlfriend when I was 13, and we kissed, and it’s been almost a year since she committed suicide.  And that’s it.  Any new friends I make, are temporary for sex or one night stands.  So it’s cool to have met Hasty, she was fun, and hot.  And I wonder what color wig she’s going to wear next.  And I have to start thinking of a tattoo.


  1. Thanks Hasty for sharing this with your readers like this! It’s very flattering, and it’s great to see others enjoy my writing who wouldn’t otherwise know about me, so I appreciate your post. Honored to have you as a character!


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