I love writing with this girl, Shruti with A Shade Of Pen. She is easy going, beautiful, and full of the amazing spirit that lures people to her with little effort.  Check out the beauty that she is!




It’s an opera of sorts

Characters playing their part

Lines set, pushed, shoved

Into shapely contorts


Every player must perform

The sketch of art

Comes to life

As melody is infused inside

melody flows inside


Music plays beautifully

The most haunting tragedy

Ears have no choice but hear

Lies get spoken center stage


Wrapped in confusion and pain

The lyrics speaks of tormenting times

In this play of life

There are equal number of truth and lies


I reach out to touch the characters

Their faces, their lives, their pains

There is connection, understanding

Because I am a piece of each of them


I feel one with their thoughts

I share the echo of their heart

Every time a character dies,

A tear smears my perfect eyes a tear smears my perfect eyes


Our lives are both triumph and tragedy

Each of us playing our own parts

Live life exuberantly, as if on a stage

Living and writing our perpetual scripts

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