IMG_2481Written by Alex Hicks and HastyWords

The hunger comes after the craving
Bloodlust tempting, feels amazing
Cries of joy erupt from the pack
The time has come for the final feeding
     Crimson blood spilling forth
     The pain immense for all it’s worth
     The full moon above lights the ground
     The chill of death hangs all around
In a ritualistic dance we give in
To every desire built within
Insatiable growls heard all around
Drowning out their piercing fear
     We ran long, but they hunted longer
     Fearing their insatiable hunger
     Fearing the bloodlust, the howling pack
     Fearing our death, their bloody desire.
The chase could have been shorter
But as the screams rang into the night
Our passions increased, desire bursting
Into the most gruesomely delicious foreplay
     They could have had us any moment
     They were playing with our lives
     They know we couldn’t escape them
     It was only a matter of time.
Reaching the end of all restraint
We pounced upon their frailty
We took from them our sustenance
Leaving only scrapes for the earth to consummate
     They were on us in an instant
     As muscle was torn from bone
     The last thing I remember
     Was thinking “Finally, I’m home.”

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