Shruti helped me write something positive.  I needed this so much at the moment.  Thank you beautiful girl for writing with me once again!


HastyKid and HastyDog

It is magical


The perfect artistic


Happiness encloses me


I give in to you


Ensnaring you

With smiles

Happy in heart

I hold you

In palms of gold

I drown in the eyes


I cling to you


As I look back to you

You smile

My safety

My kingdom

In the stars

My life

Inside a rainbow

With you


I walk

Hand in hand

I live a life


Because finally

I have my own

Happily EverAfter

           Writtten by PassionWriting and HastyWords


7 thoughts on “MY EVER AFTER

  1. awww nice of u to say that 🙂 i love u but sorry u will come second on the list coz i love ur daughter even more 😛 send a lot of warm hugs xoxoxoxoxo for her 🙂


  2. It warms my heart to see these beautiful words! She is an angel miss Hasty! I’m glad that you and sweet Shruti connect and write so well together. It is nice to have those warm sould when you need them. You are one of my favorite writers and there is a place for you in my heart too. I smile when I read your sweet words like this, and I send hugs when I read your sad words too. I’m a reach away if you need me, if there is anything I could do.. I would. (I’m envious of you.. I so badly want a baby…) ~All my thoughts, kindness and love to you pretty girl, you and your pretty little one too! (J)


    • I hope someday you can feel the beauty of being a mom. I never thought I would make a good mom but sometimes I think our greatest talents are hidden even from ourselves. Thank you!!! Hope you are doing better!


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