One of my regular duet partners is always so easy to write with!

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Written by PassionWriting and HastyWords

Sitting in a dark dead room

I hear the echo of my heart

Who sucked the life out of me

Who killed the girl I once was?


I know the many answers

There are different versions

But it was me who lead my mind

To this lonely destination


I never thought things would go so far

I was always hopeful for another start

I wish I could paint the future

I believe I could if I could hold time frozen


I worked hard to change things spoken

Nearly lost everything erasing certain words

Nobody understood their permanence

How confused I felt seeing them in stone


Why did I take this wretched path?

Why did I overlook the warning of pain?

Why did I think this choice would be worth it?

Why does knowing the risk not lessen the hurt?


Promises are born and inevitably die

They die the day they are kept

Or they are murdered before their time

But the best promises never give in


I was there for you, but when I truly needed you

You disappeared, said it was better for you

Little did you know those words killed

Whatever faith I still had in you


Did you ever try to see my heart

When I deleted you and sent you away

I lost an important part of me with that choice

You remain obliviously unaware of the battle I face


You finally said goodbye

As if there was never a reason to try

You must not believe in me

Must have never believed in us


If you could see the pain beneath it all

If you could be the person I thought I knew

We would have seen a brighter sun

Than the cloudy storms we ended with


But like most things with us you had plans

I either went along or I got dismissed

Failing me more than once

Wrecking me yet again


So I sit content in the relational demise

Confident I did everything, I truly tried

No promise I made went neglected

And I tried every compromise


Now that there is nothing left

And I was left falling all alone

I decided I could hit the ground

Or I could once again choose to fly

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