Written by PassionWriting and HastyWords

The silver light of the moon

Haunts me through my windows

As the lights creeps inside to find me

It takes me to a land I dread


Shadows dance on the walls

Performing lyrical recreations

Of tortured memories past

In countries that didn’t last


The pain and sufferings

Of people I might not know

Terrorize me every night

Ghosts silently rising from the dead


No prayer seems to comfort me

From the ancestral sins of old

Passed down through history

Left on the doorstep of my soul


Caught in the desolate past

There is no way to escape

I am a lifeless body

With nothing to call my own


I try to recreate myself individually

But all I see, all I hear in my head

Are visions, and voices

Of disembodied corpses taunting me


The dead bodies awaken now

Their dark deep eyes call out to me

They pierce deep inside my heart

And makes me question the very start…!


My final destination calls to me

And with acceptance peace comes over me

Truly all I saw was you in what is left of me

I tried to re-enter time to bring you with me


Admitting death has defeated me

I’ve lingered in this place too long

And with a sorrowful goodbye

I turn towards the light and carry on


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