Jen sent me an email to start a new duet….her first stanza really inspired me!  Beautiful Jen!


Written by Think.Speak.Tryst. and HastyWords

Your arms wrap around me

Like scarlet red satin

My desire for your embrace

Is an endless chase

That always leaves me craving more


The inward struggle to let go

To give myself completely to you

Is a dance that slowly unfolds

As I melt into those eyes

Endlessly leaving me craving more


Too hard to deny

The force-able pull between you and I

Foolish to even try, why

When everything tells me to fall into you

And you always leave me craving more


The pull of gravity seems to agree

Because with each passing moment

The intensity of your beating heart

Jump starts the beating of mine

And I am left needing, craving more


Will I never be satisfied

I will always need more

More intensity, and passion

You are my gravity

Always will I be craving more


Finally I give into insatiable desire

Vanishing into my ravenous yearning

No longer an individual specimen

But a duality in mutual motion

As I will forever be craving more


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