WHO ARE YOU – by Tom Drayton

I am so excited to introduce you to Tom Drayton.  He is one of my newest friends and quite frankly I am head over heels in love with him.  My husband has been warned that high cougar alert has to be in affect when Tom is near.  He is not only one of my sexiest gay friends he is very talented.  This blog is a guest post showing you his talent.  I found this poem he spontaneously posted on Instagram. 

photo (14)

Written by Tom Drayton

I dreamt of you again
We were somewhere familiar
Just hanging out
I glanced at you
Just wondering your thoughts
You catch my eye
And gently smirk
Warming me
I embrace you
We share a light kiss
My skin feels like electricity
My heart like fire
I step back
Searching your eyes
But I realize you’re faceless
And I wake up
Who are you?

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