Written by PassionWriting and HastyWords

The storms blow hard

The wind slaps my face

The darkness is a haze

As I struggle to find my way


Icy fingers play piano down my back

Distracting me from my priorities

From finding my way out of this storm

That packs me frozen in a bed of sleet


The snow numbs me

As I hopelessly struggle

To break free from the shackles

That try endlessly to bring me down


When the cold creeps in to paralyze me

Your brilliant light seeks out and finds me

Sparkling on the surfaces surrounding me

Your smile melts the casket I lie in


The warmth of love

Washes my pain over

Slowly and steadily the storm clears

As the sun paints the sky in hues of red


Rays shine like spotlights

Through the breaking clouds

Making this world I stand on

Seem like it has only just begun


And as if from a very deep slumber

I rise to begin again, this new day

Promising sunbeams of hope

And many spring-times full of joy


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