I am honored to make this my 500th post.  Jen LeFever started this poem with me.  This poem tells a story about the most intense longing for someone taken away too soon.  Though sadness comes often she preservers with a strong soul leading her forward. Visit her site to get a glimpse of her soul for yourself.  Think. Speak.Tryst.

IMG_8591 copy

Written by Jen LeFever and HastyWords


Caught between my emotions
My spirit is trying to emerge
Ignoring something critical
I search for balance in your words

Struggling through impossibilities
I hold on to your life, no I won’t let go
Trying in vain to bring our past
Into a future of corporeality, to show

The battle seems all too familiar
As I’m rendered dirty and bruised
I see a hand stretched out in my view
Through the smoky air, it’s your hand I chose

Each night I dream of you, your smile
It was in every little thing you did
If all I had to do was walk through fire
You can bet I would for him

Everything from our yesterday
That created you and me
I realize it was always you
That I was endlessly searching to be

Reality tucked you in to sleep
Much sooner than I planned
So many things were left unsaid
Our love overcame any demands

With just one touch, I know we are forever
Words are never needed, indeed
You are the one who completes my soul
You are the part of me I need

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