My daughter woke up December 3rd and said, “Well I guess Santa didn’t send his elf to hide for me this year.”  UGH it’s December already????   “Oh honey maybe he is just hiding really, really well and you haven’t found him yet!”  Cut to mom calling dad and telling him to find the elf and hide him really well and then happening upon him tonight.

So far what I know from eight years of parenting is:  I am always behind and always playing catch up.  This year it seems like December came right after March.  I really was not prepared for this Holiday season…until…this morning!

I was sitting in the bathroom straight ironing my hair when my daughter walks in with Antlers and a Santa Hat.  She wears one of these every morning to school in December.  I am sure she is the only one that does it and I love this about her.  So much individuality in such a small package.  She hands me the Santa hat and says let’s take a picture together.

I loved that she said this because she HATES taking pictures….but she let me take a few this morning and I will cherish them.  So while the Christmas season started today for me it actually started right after Thanksgiving for her.  She has been making gifts for either or dad or I everyday.  It is a beautiful thing to watch….the happiness in creation.

She made some amazing tree ornaments at church, one was an apple king and the other a santa pot.  Well the dog attacked them and the pot lay in pieces on the ground and the apple was eaten…sadness…tears…surprised dog survived her wrath.

Tree is up. Angel is lit.  Photo frames of her childhood displayed throughout the house.  And supposedly we will get snow next week.  It is beginning to feel like Christmas.

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