Written by PassionWriting and HastyWords

The breeze caught my eye

Stuck in a nearby tree

I watched mesmerized

As it danced in front of me

Dumbstruck and caught in the moment

I was enjoying the beauty,

Contemplating the harmony

And singing to the beats of love.

I am not sure when it happened

Only that it wrapped me up in webs

Blinding me to the world put to bed

To a nearby stream the breeze led

As the water flows smoothly..

I feel they echo my own beats..

I gaze at my reflection beneath..

And my heart..Oh.. i hear its beat..

Distracting in its simple clarity

I stood listening to it orchestrate

Numbing my mind to futures fate

I stood in the moment with contemplate

Still not sure..still not certain..

I try to trace the future it holds..

As I keep gazing at the water beneath..

The image suddenly looks new to me..

 I stand there surrounded by warmth

As I stare at your reflection smiling at me

You wrap your arms around me

And whisper how much you love me

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