Written by BrandonBored and Hastywords

I know when you cry

Because clouds appear

Rain falls from the sky

And the worst is what I fear


The storms gather fast

Trapping us both in its path

How long will it last

This self imposed wrath


Tears, hard and fast

These clouds will not part

If it’s shelter you seek

Take this parasol, from my heart


I wish you could see

Through the sheets of tears

That I am standing here

Ready to help you with your fears


It is not your fault

For what you receive

There’s a choice you must make

Together, we can leave


But to stay where you are

Is it all that you seek?

You will not get too far

Before he leaves you as weak


I vow to you now as I did before

My hand is here, and my support

Without him, you will accomplish so much more

Please hear me, stop selling yourself short


5 thoughts on “I WISH YOU COULD SEE

  1. Thank you once again! It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you on both poems. 🙂

    I can see another, perhaps angry and directed towards the abuser… I’m not sure how to start it but, we can work on that. 🙂


    • I think that would be good. I have to write one as well for my therapy session and I have been putting it off for various reasons. Let’s do it when you are ready! I like writing with you too 🙂


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