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Written by BrandonBored and HastyWords

Please keep Brandon and his friend in your thoughts!


Can it really be true?

I see what he does to you

Yet you see things different

Though it’s happening to you


A gift to look forwards

To see what can happen

But insight comes from times

I think I could have saved you

Who knows…maybe next time I can


Signals, alarms…red warnings of danger

Like a runaway train, can’t you see

This man is no savior, he is hurting you

To act as he did, through no fault of your own

Don’t you see you’d be safer alone


You have my unwavering support

Through these impossible times

Unconditional love and concern for what’s right

Although it is hard to see you like this

When you deserve more than you allow for yourself


Should you return, since it is your choice

I will be your light, when you cry in the dark

I ask only this…if history repeats itself

Please see yourself the way I see you

Defend yourself and please, raise your voice!

4 thoughts on “BORROW MY EYES

  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to create this with you and to everyone who has or is going to read our words. I look forward to the next one! 🙂

    Reading it again just now, the following line stood out:

    “I will be your light, when you cry in the dark”

    As I read that, this time, I felt a weakness pass up towards my eyes. It’s so powerful and so true as to how I feel. Thank you. I’ll reblog it in a moment 😉


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