Written by PassionWriting and HastyWords

The dotted lines

Keep passing by

Monotonous in design

And symbolically clever


I wonder as to what they mean

I am trapped in my own thoughts

Do the dots signify the start

Or are they hinting at the end?


One by one they trail on and on

Forever onward they unravel

A conversation of insanity

Speeding by in blurring linearity


 I try to hold on to one dot at a time

Hoping to catch hold of memories enclosed

And yet the closer I come to them

The farther they slip away…..


Each day they spoke, but one day I heard

I finally got what the dots foretold

Stories of endurance, perseverance, strength

The road doesn’t end unless you decide to stop short

PassionWriting…thanks for writing with me 🙂

4 thoughts on “—DOTTED LINES—

  1. When I first read this, I thought it was about a “join the dots” puzzle! I’ll never look at the road again in the same way (or when I add a full stop to a page). Still commenting on the old ones, they are gone but not forgotten 🙂


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