Written by PassionWriting and HastyWords

Walking ahead, I turn back

I see someone in the middle of the road

The face is strikingly similar

The eyes are a shade I can never forget!


The air passes quickly by

Stirring up the shadows in her hair

I try to turn my head away

But her gaze has me in a trance


I am caught in the moment

A hundred emotions stir my face

I want to go back and undo the past

And yet a fear holds me back


As I stood whispers began to stir

I leaned closer to understand

As the sound continued to grow

It was singing I heard coming from her



I marched ahead conquering my fears

I could not resist the rumbling words

Because the melody that was being played

Was but the story of my own life


She stood behind me urging me forward

Away from regrets and misery’s left

She was the image of who I used to be

Routing for me as I blazed my trail ahead


6 thoughts on “THE ROAD AHEAD

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