Written by Clark Kent and HastyWords


As my soul left me I felt you

I felt your lips I felt your kiss

I could see this float above us in this way

I could see your soul as it is this day

Spiritual energy of you and me

Combined and connected as it should be


No longer just a haunting possibility

But death visited and took me away

I take parts of you with me in this way

I left parts of me with you on this day

Passion leaving you behind in bondage

Leaving a heartache that may never set you free


As free will took over me

I rubbed my eyes feeling an overwhelming pain I could see

This love within passion to live I resume

Knowing deep in my heart the depth of my soul to you

The tears of wishes I feel

Knowing that deep within deaths near

I feel you holding your arms out to me

Your calming unconditional love of together we will be


Even in deaths memory my last breaths I solidly felt

The heartache I felt as you cried upon my chest

My heart beating a few extra beats just to feel you

To dry the tears falling from your eyes upon my cheek

There would never be another for me, for I know the same of you

But all the happiness we ever felt, I gift twice fold for you

So in my eternal slumber, a dreamscape with you my request


These moments you leave me with are my forever best

You always believe in me as I believe in you

It is within this moment you made all my dreams knowing forever to come true

I know that I have to let you go

But knowing deeper within me you will glow

Every deep kiss of moments we shared

Knowing this moment of infinite making love blissfully our souls will endear


40 thoughts on “BEYOND FOREVER’S DEATH

  1. You and Clark as a collective put rhymes on display for people to enjoy such an amazing element of two.

    I love this poem from the both of you guys. 🙂 5 more minutes till I call on the show and then I’ll have to wait 15 minutes till the show starts. yay!!!


  2. Beautiful to feel love once again, for its true
    love lives forever in heart of two
    one may leave worldly but can never leave you
    for you keep him living in your heart as life in you
    each beat , each breath, each smile
    is for your lover in you….


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