Written by Pharphelonus and Hastywords

I want to be free
From the hold you have on me
But memories are my prison
And my heart won’t let you go
Obsession lingers stubbornly
Not fighting fair, clobbering me
The feelings you created
On a loop, on continuous feed
The pieces of what we shared
Once scattered by dissolution
Have joined up, reunited
Like a healing broken heart
Scars created like rigid highways
In a heart full of ransomed holes
You became the cement, the glue
Keeping me, holding you
My blood still pumps with fantasy
And the scars have been displaced
The pain I felt does not compare
To these dreams I won’t let die
Passion was born the day we met
Your love like a blazing ball of starlight
Your kiss like the sweeping winds that smell of rain
Once experienced will always remain
But the pain was always so piercing
Perforations that cut to the core
I stare into space and see your face
Will I ever be whole again?



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