There is something about pictures that can build you up or tear you down. I came across a photo of me at a club dancing that was so horrific I would have jumped off the nearest cliff if there had been one. I know…it’s just a picture but really…it wasn’t. I tried to tag it here just to give you the full horridness of it but it wasn’t working and besides I really don’t ever want to see it again. Just picture a wrinkly, pale, sweaty, zombie, baby diaper and you will get close. Anyway, I showed it to a friend and we laughed hard for nearly 15 minutes…good therapy. I really despised that camera’s perspective.

Whenever I feel down on myself or feel ugly I have a photoshoot. All it takes is one good photo out of a hundred bad ones to remind you that it is all about perspective. The photo here of course doesn’t look like me anymore than the terrible picture I saw looked like me. But they affect our self image. My husband took these two photo’s and I will use them to give myself confidence, something in these pictures really is a part of me. I like these pictures, I like the colors, I like that pictures can be made to look pretty.

15 thoughts on “A CAMERA’S PERSPECTIVE

  1. OMG, I’m the SAME way! I have body dysmorphic disorder and think I’m uglier than I really am, so photos help me to see, hey I’m not that bad 🙂

    You’re beautiful! And so positive. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  2. I completely agree! No matter how long it’s been since I lost 60 pounds, If I see a glimpse of a photo of FAT ME, I still CRINGE and banish it to the cyber trash and pray no one saw it before I, hopefully, exiled it forever…! Thanks for sharing. I’m glad I’m not the only one who dwells on such things!


  3. The pictures are gorgeous!! Never doubt that you aren’t! But I agree on how it feels when you see a picture of yourself that you don’t like and begin to doubt. But now worries, because they are gorgeous.


  4. I never allow my picture to be taken if I can help it. And it really annoys me when people think it’s cute to take my picture when I’m not paying attention.


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