I am pretty stubborn and I am really good at making everything about me.  I have been told I borrow emotion from people, but really I think it means I am a thief.  “Oh…no…here comes that girl Hastywords…watch out she will steal your emotions!”  Now that I know I have this super power I am going to have to start picking my victims better.

My first victim will be xxxooo.  He is my new life coach.  Well I never had an old one but now I have a new/old life coach.  I really hate that he is going to read this because the world already has trouble containing his already sizeable ego.  I read his blog and steal emotion from it every day because it feels good to laugh.   He inspires me to care less about those who point out my flaws and encourages me to seek flaws in others.  Actually, he inspires me to care more about myself and less about what others think about who I am.  He is the funniest, most sarcastic, I don’t give a shit person I have ever met.  Oh wait….I have never met him.  I have never even seen a picture of him.  **Alarm bells going off in my head**

My next victim would be a woman I will call Kat!  She is greek and knock’ em dead gorgeous.  She is a powerhouse if you ask me.  If she wants something she asks for it.  Someone doesn’t like her she moves on.  She is super talented as well as being gorgeous.  She is beautiful enough to be a supermodel but she loves to be behind the camera and she is probably the best I have ever seen.  “I can’t do it!” is not something she accepts in herself or those around her.  She also has a Prada purse I really would like to have.

The two people mentioned above kick butt.  I think they would survive on a desert island better than most of us.  I can see xxxooo spending his days listening to music and sending out messages in a bottle.  I can see Kat on the beach nude doing yoga like Madonna did in that one movie…I forget the name but I remember the nude Madonna.   I don’t think of them as cold hearted, actually quite the opposite they are both very warm hearted, but they have a very high emotional intelligence.

I can think of a few things that have changed over the last few years that have made emotional robbery easier for me.  A person doesn’t have to be present for me to draw emotion from them.  I have two friends C and R who used to send me the funniest random videos and they always seemed to come at the most perfect time.  Life got busy for them so I don’t get them anymore but when I do I cherish them and how they make me feel.  A “like” on Instagram, a re-tweet on Twitter, or a “kissy” face text feed my emotional state.  The problem with all of this is I don’t have time for my own emotions anymore.  I have forgotten how to feel when I don’t have emotion being fed to me.  When I don’t get the “likes” or the “re-tweets” I go on the hunt for emotion like a starving vulture.  Now when I do have time to myself I have no idea how to just sit with my own thoughts.  I suppose I have always had this problem because before social media it was books….I read obsessively.  I let the books devour me and from them I gained a borrowed emotion.

I do not want to give up victimizing my poor friends and sucking emotions from them because I love getting smiley face texts from them… but I do want to be more intelligent about how and who I gobble up.  When I am sitting alone with my thoughts I will learn to harvest my own emotions.  Eventually I hope to give my superpower to someone more deserving than I.  I hope to be xxxooo someday…..feeding the emotional hungry around me!

36 thoughts on “I AM AN EMOTIONAL THIEF

  1. I have a similiar condition. I believe people have referred to it as being a psychic vampire. However, in my case I just drain all the positive thoughts and energy from the person with my issues. I have an intense desire to be the center of all attention and as soon as I’m not, I move on to my next victim. I will however feed your addiction by saying I LOVED this post.


  2. Wow I loved your post i am such an emotional thief and I think it’s a very well fitting term. I thrive off my instagram too lol


  3. Love your post! I do not get wrapped up in others emotions. I guess maybe I run from them. It makes me sound emotionless.maybe that is why my writing has slowed down this month. I like the way you grab at life. I have a friend who has m.s. and does not let moss grow on his feet. You and him are quite similar. I admire that.


  4. I love this post! Thank you for sharing! If you want a good book to steal some awesome juicy emotion from, look into “Wizard’s First Rule” by Terry Goodkind. I’m not much into fantasy, sci-fi, fiction novels or whatever you consider this book, but a friend of mine gave it to me, and I could NOT put it down. It has to be the best story with the most amazing characters I have ever read. I will read it again at some point. I’m afraid to read the rest of the books in the series, because I don’t want anything to taint the experience I had with this book. Okay… I’m sure you get it. Seriously, though. Go get a copy. You will love it.



  5. “Encourages me to seek flaws in others”? That makes me sound like such an ass. Fortunately, other people are really fucked up, so it is incredibly easy to do. I mean… um…. It takes different strokes to rule the world… Everyone is beautiful in their own way…. sing of good things, not bad…. if you can’t say something nice about someone, I’m more likely to follow your blog… Oops… um….


    I don’t know if I’d say I’m qualified to be anyone’s life coach. At least, not for other than my own personal amusem… I mean…

    Okay, yes, feel good about yourself, and when people put you down, test it with these three questions:
    1) Is it true?
    2) Can I do anything about it?
    3) Who is saying this and why?

    My daughter’s friend Velma is 6′ tall. I am 5’8″. She makes a point of mentioning our height difference all the time. Is it true? Yes. Can I do anything about it? No. Who is saying this and why? Some silly girl who needs a reason to feel better about herself. So who gives a shit? Not me.

    Man, my comments keep getting longer and longer. Oh, there’s the music playing me off. I’d like to thank the Academy, and of course all my fans! Thank you!


      • I doubt that you can look back at reality – you can “only” look back with your perception of reality

        I wonder about “hanging out with them” (emotions)

        You better list explicit instructions on how to do that. It sounds rather dangerous. Can you turn on and off various emotions with which you wish to “hang out”.

        You better study – Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow by Daniel Kahneman. It may help you and you can get “primed” and “anchored”. See the book for an explanation


        • I perceive reality differently depending on the emotions I am feeling. The farther into the future I get away from those emotions the more likely my perception of the event will change. The farther from the emotion the more logical I become. And no I can’t really choose which emotions I hang out with or I would keep better company but you just made me think of something. Using the analogy of “hanging out” I think the emotions are like a bad crowd of friends I have just gotten used to, maybe the emotions are habitual and habits are hard to change. I will definitely check out the book! Thanks for the post…you pay attention…you make me think!


  6. In the world of comics, you would be somebody working out your empathic abilities, which, if you were a superhero, would lead to being a psychic or one of those people that can feel what others feel or see through their eyes or absorb their power, or even make others feel what you want them to feel. It is a strong power, and dangerous if misused. With great power, comes great responsibility. : )
    There’s your comic book wisdom for the day.


    • Hmmm I need an artist but I think I could write this comic book. 🙂 BTW I love comics I have a full set of the x-files that I never even looked at but I generally love them for the art.


      • I never read comics but I collected comic cards instead of baseball cards when I was 12 or so. All my friends found them a lot more interesting then guys with bats and stats. And I got a comic education out of it without really being a comic book dork. Little did I know that comic book heroes would actually be popular some day. I didn’t know the X-Files was turned into a comic, I loved that show!


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