I have a friend who likes to tell me, “It isn’t always about you!”  Often times I feel like that phrase needs to be reflected back at him but sometimes he is right.  I am making this post ALL ABOUT ME!

I think being clumsy is charming. – Probably because I am the clumsiest person in the world and all the greatest romances begin with one clumsy moment.

If I had to pick my own prison it would be a library. – I love to read whether it’s junk mail, the warnings before a movie, the entire side effects list on birth control pills it doesn’t matter.  String a bunch of words together and I will read it.

I love scary movies. – Scary not gory, I want to be frightened not grossed out.  I love everything about them.  I secretly rewrite most of the scary films in my head to make the story line better or make it scarier.  I believe most scary films start out great and end up ridiculous but I am in it for the experience and for the ideas it fills my head with.

I am a sucker for underdogs. –  Geek turns hot throb.  Ugly duckling becomes swan.  Lowly employee takes over the company.  I love Marshall Mathers, Maddona Ciccone, Stefani Germanotta. Stories like “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “In The Pursuit of Happyness”.  There are underdogs living extraordinary lives everyday.

I love people. – In “We Bought a Zoo” one of the characters asked, “If you had to choose between people and animals, who would you pick?”  Wouldn’t we all pick people?  I mean we can express creativity in so many ways, it is endlessly fascinating.  We do things to our hair, our nails, our skin, we can dress in an endless variety of ways.  Our personalities are creatively expressed in the words we choose, how loud we speak, how passionately we converse.  WE ARE AMAZING….ALL OF US!

I am loyal. – It is hard for me to move on sometimes when a friend moves or a company closes it’s doors.  I still miss the Chinese Restaurant I drove out of my way to visit when I was younger.

I love laughter. – I am not talking about the snickering kind behind someones back or the kind that is at the expense of another.  I am talking about the kind that heals even the most broken of hearts, that turns dark times bright, the kind that penetrates to the heart of the worst kind of anger and turns it into hope.

I love to cook. – I am not good at it but I love to do it.  My husband will eat anything so I am lucky.  Best random creation.  I stir-fry Brussel sprouts in butter and chicken bouillon then add to scrambled eggs 🙂

Ok even I am getting bored thinking about myself, I can only imagine how you readers feel!  Seriously though, take a few moments and do a self inventory.  Who are you?  What do you believe?  How do you want those beliefs to play out in your life?  Take time every now and then to make it ALL ABOUT YOU!

36 thoughts on “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME

  1. You know, I read your last post and thought about what I would say about your words and your writing getting better and better, and then I read this one and I was like, right on, that’s a very thoughtful piece, and then I saw that first comment up there and it cracked me up. Nice picture too. The fusion of words and images is one part of the future of the medium. Some day we will “read” books and music will chime in during certain parts, others will be interactive, and there will be images and words and smells and sounds and all the rest. A “book” will be like a virtual world we enter for a time.
    I think. But I’m reading something by a futurist, and it would seem that things are trending in that direction. My experience at a bookstore told me as much as well. Bloggers are on the forefront of the new style. You do it well ; )


  2. all about you? you wanna know what’s all about you? i’ll give you a hint. it involves showing me a picture like that one, and then the results that follow. that’s all about you. and if that’s offensive or TMI, then i apologize, but the pictures of you are just outstanding.


  3. well, it your blog isn’t it… who else should it be about? Your life, your loves, your emotions, your chapped lips (first thing I noticed btw). It is yours for you to express anything and everything you wish or not wish. You play it well, keep it up, as I know you will…



  4. I don’t mind some gore in movies. I do not like when people believe that solely depending on gore makes a film scary. Gore is fine, but no need in going over the top with it.


  5. Jeez, next time can you dress a little better and use better lighting? You look hideous! By the way, I totally ripped off this idea for a post, but I gave you full credit and linked back here. I also ripped off that picture and fully captioned it, but if you want me to take it down, I will. You are now a trendsetter!


  6. Wow, sorry about all those rude comments about the photo. LOL. It is, like you are, stunning. Your journey is a joy to share in, but I don;t like scary movies, and I wish butter was good for you.


  7. If you watch tv in the bedroom and shut off the lights. Audrey Hepburn in “Wait until Dark” I hope you have a cd player in the bedroom. I love this suspense movie. As scary as any horror movie. The old movies are the best. Enjoy!


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  10. Amazing picture, per usual. I loved reading this. I now have an even better idea of why we get along so well…I could have said any of these things about myself. Love you, SW!


  11. I’m so glad you have so many wonderful, awesome things you love about yourself. And also glad that you let this blog be All About You, in such a glorious, positive way 🙂


  12. I love to laugh, the unsquelchable kind that begins as a snicker and ends in hiccuping…those are the best. I would get trapped in a library with you, and we could sit and read and talk and laugh and enjoy comfortable silence and smell that every library offers. I’m loving getting to know you better, SW.


  13. Great pic but I don’t think I’ve seen a bad one yet! This is such a great post to learn some new things about you. I have a love/hate with horror movies (the scary ones, like you I don’t do gross). I’m not as good with them as I was when I was younger. I love your idea of a prison as I am the same way. I will read anything. My parents still laugh that when I was a kid and couldn’t find something else to read, I’d read the phone book. No lie!
    I love Brussels sprouts but with scrambled eggs? Hmmm….


  14. No one could possibly experience “boredom” learning about you! I strongly relate to every single item, except cooking. But underdogs, laughter, loyalty – always. I completely understand your sentiment about the Chinese restaurant and the people who move away. Do I ever.


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