I feel like my life has become a series of picturesInstead of memories I have albums.  My personality no longer matters… I am now judged on lighting, angle, contrast.  If my pictures are interesting I must be interesting. Most of my blog pictures come from Instagram.  You can tell so much about a person by what pictures they choose to share.

I have one friend who posts interesting pics of his friends.  He is loved and people love him.  He is artistic and knows how to make a photo both personal and socially interesting.  You miss an event?  Never mind because you feel included in the memories he shares.

I have another friend who posts pics of special moments he spends with those he loves but mainly he posts pics of himself.  Not the run of the mill bathroom mirror pic but the artistic creative kind so you can tell he could be into photography and be really good at it.  His pictures tell a story.  Besides being extremely easy on the eyes you can tell he is sensitive and caring by these stories he tells.

Another friend posts very few pics.  Random.  Usually a picture representing a serious thought he is having if he is being introspective.  Or a really silly pic of himself because he is taking a break or bored.  Rarely he will post a pic of himself with someone he is with because he feels the moment is special.  Those are my favorite.

I have friends who post the bathroom mirror pics often….they are proud of their work out progress…and they should be.  I have friends who post the food they eat out, cook at home, whether junk/ health food.  They make me hungry.  I have friends who post their drunken exploits….I love living vicariously.  I have friends who post quotes, who post pics of their pets, who love to post what they are wearing, or their different hair styles, they post pics of nature, of concerts.  I love them all.  I am an Instagram addict and the pictures people post tell a story.  I love the people I follow, I feel I know them, even those I have never met.

I believe Instagram pictures are the headline titles to the story of a person’s life.


  1. So if I don’t have any Instagram pictures?

    Everyone has captions to their lives – their Facebook and Twitter feeds. Pictures, same thing. And this place is like the stove of everyones’ live. It’s where all the ingredients can go – sounds (if you pay the 17 bucks), videos, pictures, poems, stories, anecdotes, philosophies, tragedies, triumphs, and whatever the hell it is I do on my blog.

    I like it.


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