I woke up singing.  That is not a good thing for anyone but me.  “There was love all around but I never heard it singing no, I never heard it at all ’till there was you!”  What in the *&%$ has gotten into me?  Don’t get me wrong I like it but it isn’t the norm for me.  I am usually a very grumpy morning person.

I ride an emotional roller coaster and it seems the older I get the fewer loops and high’s my coaster has.  In fact, lately, it seems like I am sitting on the landing waiting for repairs to be made.  Yesterday, I was climbing to the top of the coaster and today, it seems, my coaster is stuck at the top.  I am not going to complain since I would rather be stuck on top that back on that dreadful landing.  I can see everything so much clearer from the top.  The sun shines brighter, people around me seem happier, chores seem easier, I feel smarter, I feel like my smile makes a difference in the moods of those around me.  Dare I say that I might even think I love myself today?  Yes, I think this must be what it feels like to love myself.  I must remember all of this when I am stuck back on the landing again.

When I think of my husband, my daughter, my best friend, my coworkers I am actually thinking of their smiles, their love.  I believe they love me and I realize how grateful I am they stick around putting up with me.  When I am stuck on the landing they come and sit awhile to keep me company.  They are the ones out on the track trying to make the repairs.  They are the ones that make me want to stay on the ride in the first place.  I know that when my ride starts up again that they are the ones that will fill my car with me, hands flying in the air, screaming with excitement.


  1. I like to make you scream with excitement 😉 But, you’re right, I’m here for you when you don’t, too. I’m happy to hear you’re up and happy today.


  2. I really love how much love a person can find out there in the world if they just open themselves up to it. Thank you for finding my vibe, and putting out a great one of your own! Enjoy the Tour, it’s like I said, it never stops.


  3. Roller coaster rides can be tough, metaphorically and in real life. Loving yourself is really important, try to do so every day. I invite you to visit my blog. I am having a great day also. Perhaps even the stars!


  4. I love your blog. I enjoy that your husband is so present in your blog. I also wake up every so often singing. And, the roller coaster ride does get less loopy and bumpy the older you get. Things settle down. Life becomes a joy ride without so many twists and turns. You start to find your way….enjoy it!


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