I am having nightmares….they are relentless and terrifying. Is it possible for dreams to destroy the living??? I am worried there is a war that has been waged for my sanity. The dreams themselves I can endure but it is the realizations I come to about myself because of the dreams that worry me.
For instance I feel like a stranger in my own skin, like a visitor that isn’t welcome. My positive thoughts usually stand victorious on the battlefield but I feel like my negative thoughts have a few new warriors fighting. I feel scared, confused, and alone because everywhere I turn my friends have become enemies in my head. Tonight I lie here feeling numb and realize how unfamiliar I have become.
I am hoping it is a phase, maybe a passing identity crisis from the sadness that has surrounded me and my friends!
Whatever the case is I know that I am still here living in this bag of bones and one day I won’t be…so the time in between I guess I will just be even when I don’t feel like me!


16 thoughts on “THE TIME IN BETWEEN

    • I am not a fan of comedy shows so that might very well be my problem! I will give it a try and let you know. I actually loved 2 1/2 men but haven’t watched since Ashton started.


  1. I think is part of growing up, we are no longer under are mothers wings. So reality and the thruth about the cruel world reveals itself. Its important to embrace change and rediscover your new skin.


  2. Bag of bones. Yeah, I was gonna say that you are hideous and disgusting and homely, and ugly and untalented, but I just couldn’t find the icebreaker. *rolleyes* Don’t let nightmares bother you. They are like fire/tornado drills for the brain. Just exercises.


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