Sitting in the American Airlines Center waiting for Rammstein to perform. It isn’t really my type of music but I bought my husband tickets for his birthday. Getting dressed I had no idea what to wear. Do the fans wear Gothic Corsets? Do they wear tshirts with holey jeans? Are they all going to be young with a bunch of piercings? Will I be the sacrificial virgin if I don’t dress appropriately? I am leery only because my husband told me the band had been kicked out of the U.S for performing some interesting sex acts on stage several years ago.
As always I put too much thought into fitting in. I mean what do I wear to watch a potential illegal sex act at a concert???? I finally settled on a pair of jeans with a low cut black top with a really pretty pair of silver and black Zanotti heels. Well I was over dressed. Holey jeans and tshirts was the dress code….at least my top was black.
I might add I am shocked at the average fan age. My husband, despite his black dress shirt and cacky shorts fits right in. Scruffy geek chic!!!!! My husband took me to see Britney recently so I owed it to him to make the best of the experience and at least the fashion is interesting.
Plenty of roped up black leather tights holding in their cottage cheese residents. Don’t get me wrong, the only difference between me and these girls is I hide mine in jeans. I have never seen so many black tshirts in one place ever. I have decided I am going to pretend I am in Germany tonight and drink enough beer to hopefully begin to understand the language.


16 thoughts on “DRESSED IN RAMMSTEIN

  1. Haha! That must have been quite a shock to your system but good for you for sharing in what your hubby enjoys.
    I love Rammstein and I try to get to their gigs whenever they play in London so I quite envy your evening with them…
    Never seen them performing a sex though 😉 but their pyrotechnics have always been amazing.
    I hope you had a good time!


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