I tossed and turned all night last night thinking of this and that.  I slept off and on dreaming about this and that. I woke up thinking I needed a nap from all the exhausting this and that.  I will apologize now if this is a rambling post, there are bound to be a few here and there, but right now it is all I have to offer.

In one of my dreams I was walking on a very well-worn dirt path and to my right was the ocean below.  It was beautiful and peaceful.  Birds chirped, the flowers were bright, the sun’s rays were warm.  I could feel and hear everything.  Then I looked up and saw my daughter in a sun dress riding her bike towards me.  She had a big smile on her face but I was horrified.  The dirt path was so small and she was so little and the drop was so far down.  I started to run towards her with a smile so not to startle her.  I tried to yell for her to stop for a moment but I couldn’t talk….my lips were glued shut.  Then her front tire hit a rock and the look on her face as she lost control of the bike woke me up.

I don’t know what the dream meant other than I am tired.  I am considering a big life change, and it is important enough I have to be sure I am making the decision for the right reasons.  I have dreams like this when I am stressed, and feel I have no control.

Currently, I am surrounded by people holding on to the edge of life with all their strength.  Death….it happens to everyone, in a variety of ways, in every moment worldwide.  I have had many people in my life die, it never gets easier.   Three people have passed in the last month, 2 from cancer and 1 was and accident.  I am actively losing another friend to cancer.  I am beginning to look at life as cancer.  We all have it and we are all dying from it.  We hear the phrase LIVE life while you have it.  Well, what does that mean?  Truly, I am rambling, I am tired, I am not negative but I am not positive either.  I want to LIVE my life. I am grateful for my life and the time I will be allotted, but right now I just need some sleep.

I would love to hear what you think my dream means!  And what does it mean to LIVE!

11 thoughts on “WE ALL HAVE CANCER

  1. yes, we all have cancer at all times. think of cancer like this: you take a picture, you put it on a copy machine, and you make 100 copies. in those 100 copies, one of them doesn’t come out that well. you then take those 100 copies and make 100 copies of them. that one copy that didn’t come out well? the copy of that one comes out even worse that before. and each time you copy that one, it comes out worse and worse.

    all day long, our cells constantly copy themselves. sometimes the copies don’t come out well. those copies make copies and over and over again. those badly copied cells are cancer.

    we have other cells in our bodies called T-cells. their specific job is to find those bad copies and eliminate them before there are too many in one spot that affect the cells around them. some people do a great job of creating t-cells. some don’t. those of us who create many t-cells will easily fight off cancer. those who can’t keep up with t-cell production might get affected by cancer.

    blueberries are the best food for t-cells. broccoli is another super food for that. tomatoes also.


  2. Living means living. This life is way too short if you notice it.
    Live it…
    Love it…
    This is what I tell myself everyday… This is what I’m telling you today…


  3. Ohhhh, me and my kids actually talked about cancer today, and what a nasty thing that is! We have lost a couple of relatives not long time ago, and one just made her way through it and survived!
    “It says”: EVERY ONE WILL GET CANCER IF THEY LIVE LONG ENOUGH…and that scares me, at the same time as i know it´s so sadly true.
    My 7y old son said as an end of the conversation: “I guess you will die before me mom, BUT we should never think of death, because then we will get sad…. We should just live our lives day by day.” I couldn´t agree more, and hugged the little gorgeous boy very warmly…… Small kids have big thoughts too…..


  4. Life is full of its many challenges both good and bad (death included), but you can’t afford to look at it as a cancer coz then its a tumor and that would make it an irregularity. I lost my dad to cancer not too long ago and then a supposedly healthy aunt of mine died while sleeping ( she wasn’t even 50 yet) and so I know how you must feel. Life isn’t easy. It can be cruel especially when you have to see your loved ones leave you, but like your little angel reminded you Death is “just a small nap before the next journey begins”… and for me Life is like a video game with its many stages 😉


  5. Life is what ever you need it to be. Or is it want to be.
    Emerson talks about a successful life:

    To laugh often and much
    To win the respect of intelligent people
    And the affection of children;
    To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure
    The betrayal of false friends;
    To appreciate beauty,
    To find the beat in others;
    To leave the world a bit better,
    Whether by a healthy child,
    A garden patch
    Or a redeemed social condition;
    To know even one life berthed easier
    Because you have lived.
    That is to have succeeded.

    Too soon the golden ring passes us by before we realize it is right in front of the mirror.


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