The image I have tried to create lies shattered on the floor

Broken images staring back and taunting me

The me I aimed to be laughing at my failure

Exposing the self that hid behind the mirror

Throwing the broken pieces out the door

Recreating the person I think I should be

Realizing I haven’t got a prayer

Because you have seen me far too clear

I turn to you exposed and naked

Looking for a reason I should start again

Barely holding on, trying to repair the despair that has started creeping in

As I watch your face and then your heart comprehend the view

You were duped into believing I offered up reality

And even though you had every reason to turn and walk away

You walked over all the broken pieces

Joyful in the reality of the true me

11 thoughts on “SHATTERED

  1. Your poetry is inspiring, I hope someday people can take away from my words what take away from yours. You paint a picture so clear but full of meaning… it just works.


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