Several years ago the most amazing person caught my eye. I remember the first time I ever saw him, dressed in black and ready to dance. Being a person who struggled with my weight my whole adult life and finally garnering the courage to flaunt my pounds in a public gym, I was immediately drawn to this dark-haired beauty. He is a lot like me so he would probably think that his weight was the first thing I noticed about him but he would be wrong. It was the atmosphere he created. I don’t really know how exactly to explain it but it was sort of like trying to see the image in a mirage, like the light around him was different from the rest of the light in the room. I never look directly at people so it was like his light caught the corner of my eye. As this light kept trying to catch my eye I started to pay attention. He was nervous it seemed, even though I now know him and that couldn’t have been the case because he is the opposite of shy. He was intent on learning the Zumba moves and you could just tell he was going to pick the moves up fast. There was just something more than courageous about him, something deeper, and something rare.

Being rather shy myself I didn’t say anything to him on this occasion but he came back to class. This time he had more confidence, this boy had some moves. I introduced myself with a smile which he matched; I told him he was amazing and he agreed….no just kidding….he humbly said thank you. You see I realized it was his smile; it had a child’s spirit, beautiful, loving, and honest. I crave this smile on my worst days and when I need it the most he sends it to me. It works whether I see it personally or in a picture or a video message via text.

It was months later I was throwing my, soon to be, 6-year-old a birthday party. His gift to my daughter was the newly released movie, The Princess and the Frog. My daughter fell in love with him on this day. His child like spirit knew the way to her heart and he has rested comfortably in her heart ever since. She lovingly nicknamed him Froggie. The admiration is in her voice when she asks, “Will Froggie be there? I miss Froggie! When is Froggie coming over again?” My daughter is lucky to have so many amazing people in her life with Froggie being one of them.

Since 2010 Froggie and I have confided and trusted each other, shared tears, sweat to the beat on many dance floors, drank a bit too much on a few occasions, had to fight off the paparazzi together, took care of our friends together, we have shared numerous wigs and enjoyed many impromptu photo shoots. Through all the moments and all the memories it will always and forever be his smile I will hold the dearest. I find it funny that his nickname is Froggie because I have never seen a Frog that wasn’t smiling. Whenever I meet someone new I think of his smile and I can only aspire to be a Froggie in their lives.


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