I met this boy very, very briefly one night.  It was a chance encounter because I was accompanying a friend to see a play another friend was in and ended up meeting this boy who, as you will read, became one of my favorite friends.  I remember shaking the boy’s hand, saying “Hi, nice to meet you!” and that was it, except it wasn’t.  His eyes were deep green and they held a promise, a promise to tell me some amazing stories about his life, his perspective, his worries, his hopes.  It was over the next few months through varying events I got to know him.

I will call  him The Boy With The Blog since it fits with his blog style.  You see he is an observer of things and people.  He is quiet most of the time with a silent friendly smile; but his eyes are usually speaking a hundred miles a minute.  I am fairly sure I could literally sit and look into his eyes for hours and my imagination will take the stories they are telling on an amazing journey.  Anyway, back to my friend.  He is a genuine and gentle soul and I am so very glad to have met him.  I don’t trust easily but the trust we share is beautiful and truly his gift to me.   Attached is his blog and I would very highly recommend you read it.  I am The Lady With The Smile, according to his blog, and whenever I read it I feel inspired to be that amazing person he was writing about.  He has a way of bringing out the best in those he shares his life with.  I love this Boy With The Blog and he is so much more than just a Blog!!!




9 thoughts on “THE BOY WITH THE BLOG

  1. May I just say hastywords…I have just spent a very enjoyable hour with The Boy With The Blog….thank you a hundred times for the nod in his direction. He is an extremely talented writer and his work moves me. You are lucky to have him in your life!


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