I’ve been going to the laundromat lately just for kicks and giggles… and because I gave my daughter my washer and dryer… and I really enjoy it.

So it doesn’t take long. I can people watch. And it’s one of the only times during the day I can just sit and do nothing.

So many exciting things happen. Like I reunited a lady with her shirt who almost left it plastered to the top of a washing machine. I dropped a pair of panties that sat in the floor under the dryer for a full cycle. There was an adorable boy showing his dad how to properly sweep the floor.

As I was leaving a kind man asked if I was part Latin. I told him no. Told him I was German/American Indian. He said “Oh German that explains your bone structure. I was trying to figure it out”

As I’m people watching I don’t necessarily think anyone is people watching ME.

Also, as I’m packing to move I found this pic of me…7th grade maybe.

7 thoughts on “THE LAUNDROMAT

  1. Laundromats are fascinating places, although I haven’t been in one for many years.

    And, considering where I think you’re going and why, packing to move has to be more exciting than it usually is.


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