There are people who build cities on top of volcanic fields. And they live there. People build lives in desperate towns. And they die there. People grow up in fast cities and slow farm towns and simply exist there.
Such a big world to live in…
Are you HOME where you are?
I’ve always had a house. I’ve never been homeless. But I’ve felt homeless. Like now. Like for the last several years. I’ve lived in limbo.

Emotionally homeless.

What makes a place home? Is it a person? Is it being at peace with yourself? Is it learning to be content no matter the circumstance? Or is it a person?


  1. Love these thoughts on home. also, the idea of where people make their homes. I am home now. I was not for many years but I made it seem like I was. It is all of the things you mention combined but I would add that it’s who your with that can really make you feel at home.

    I enjoy your writing, Hasty. I don’t usually comment but silently enjoy your words.

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  2. Where is home? That can be a very good question. Tom Wolfe wrote a whole book titled, “You Can’t Go Home Again.” Does “home” have to be a particular place, or can one feel “at home” anywhere or everywhere, or nowhere? I will, at some point, sell this house which I inherited, so I have asked, “What then, where would I want to go that would feel like home?” I don’t know. The places where I’ve lived before have all changed whether or not they felt like home then. Yes, a very good question.

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