We follow the breadcrumbs.

We can plan for tomorrow all we want but the present has a way of challenging those plans.  When I started this blog several years ago I did not plan to be starting an international production company with someone from another country.  I did not plan to meet a man who would challenge me so fully to identify the person I am and want to become, nor a young woman who would inspire me to delve so deeply into my own positive creativity.

I would like to invite my readers.  Those of you who have been patient enough to stick around as I have been sorting out life to perhaps come along on the next leg of my journey with me.  I would love that.

I, Angela Bellingham, am not leaving Hastywords.  I could never leave the place that lead me to where I am going.  BUT there is a whole world waiting for us to not only WRITE our truth but to SHOW it our truth.

The world still reads.  But it increasingly wants to be shown with beautiful visuals combined with beautiful voices and beautiful music.  The world wants to laugh.  To escape and have the motivation to be the change the world needs.  I think we have what it takes to do that.

BECAUSE we know how to follow the breadcrumbs and find where the future needs us to be.

I hope you join me and Byron Hamel at




  1. 1. A beautiful name to finally know, and appropriate, Angela.
    2. It has been a privilege and joy (some pain included) to have followed your breadcrumb trail thus far, and further.
    3. Following that link next.

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