Whether it is a big news event or a very personal event justice is often complicated.  Separating truth from fiction is hard.  The media is very persuasive.  Our friends we know and trust can also be very persuasive.  We often forget there are two sides to every story with a whole lot sandwiched in the middle.

Justice isn’t just black and white.  It never has been.  It’s why justice is so controversial and makes for a successfully dramatic news story.  Spin a story well enough and you can make people believe there is a right and a wrong without the need for evidence.

It may look strange, it may even look sad, or wrong.  But beware of what you perceive without evidence.  I am not saying write-off the situation in question. I am saying act on it with caution.  Acting the wrong way could be more harmful than helpful.


You misinterpret
And misrepresent
Fall to your knees
With face in hand
Weeping for justice
It’s a process
With no end
Justice is a journey
To be perceived
And acted upon
It begs us
To ask questions
And if you see
Only a snapshot
Chances are
You’ll misinterpret
And misrepresent
And sabotage
The very justice
You were
Searching for

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