Around Valentine’s Day of this year my daughter told me she was going to celebrate strong women.  She said not everyone has a boyfriend and (she was 12) not everyone wants one.  So I thought let’s do it.

So the question is simple.  If you were going to celebrate a strong independent woman in your life who would it be and why?   What qualities do strong independent women have?

My guest today is an inspiration to me and she has such a beautiful heart.  I hope you visit her website PlantLoveGrow .  Plant Love Grow creates support tools and resources to assist parents, teachers and health professionals.  I promise it is worth a look.

elaheh bos

I lost my mother to cancer when I was nineteen and for a long time this loss consumed me because I felt cheated by life. Mostly, and sadly, it was the fact that I felt like I hardly knew who my mother really was that pained me. The more I learned about her life after her death and the challenges she overcame to raise us as she did, the more I wished she had opened up to us, if only to reveal the multi-faceted sides of her true self. I would have liked to understand the ache behind the tears, to witness the strength each stoke against the norm demanded, to feel her rise from the ashes of pain and finally understand why she chose silence over words. My mother lived with courage when her world demanded her to live small. She was true to herself, and for that I am ever so grateful.

Strong Independent Woman Day (to me) is not about ironing out our superhero’s cape so that it has a few less creases as we stand on the float of illusion. It is about acknowledging that as women, we are all strong, always. It is an innate quality to womanhood. An already present ingredient to our being. It is in our blood from all the women before us, just waiting for each of us to activate the magic. We each do so in different ways, independent and unique in how we choose to show that strength.

May we celebrate the beauty and uniqueness each one of us brings.

photo-elaheh-bosElaheh Bos is the founder of Plant Love Grow, a resource site that creates tools to help parents, teachers and health professionals. She is a passionate public speaker, an artist, author and entrepreneur who believes in our innate capacity to bloom. She loves to write books, create new journals and collaborate on different projects with amazing people.

Photo credit: Sabine Yimlim



Just one of the items I bought my daughter that she loved. If you click on the picture you can see inside 🙂


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